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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
...... read a bit of it... instantly turned off by the story starting off with 'penis-size jokes'. Yeah, I know it wasn't that... but all the suggestive dialogue... just no dude. Bad! Bad! Bad! No pizza for you! Keep that kinda stuff out of the OT-type Turtles.
Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
And the novel is complete. I'm pretty thrilled about that.

As for the humor...well there WAS a prostitute joke in the old show once, heh heh. Don't worry, I'm behaving myself on the other stories I'm doing.
LOL, I don't mind some of the implied humor because the OT did do that a few times. I know you are referring to the "Donatello's Degree" episode where Irma says that she's not "that type of girl" when Donatello tells her to wait for a group of guys to pick her up.

There were other examples of this implied adult humor too:

"Leonardo the Renaissance Turtle": Lex arrests Leonardo and April for jaywalking and the Lex robot asks if they have any "final words" she says "Yes, but they're not appropriate for television."

"Plan Six from Outer Space": Michelangelo becomes frustrated that they can't find pepperoni throughout the entire city for his pizza. Raphael comments, "Who knew there would be such a sausage shortage??" He breaks the 4th wall and says, "...And don't ask me to repeat that again."

"Menace Maestro Please": The Turtles attack Bebop & Rocksteady at a costume closet and both Bebop and Rocksteady fall into a box with either half of a donkey costume. Leonardo remarks, " that's what they have in common."

So I don't mind the suggestive, implied humor because the OT had that, it's just that we as kids didn't pick it up on our radar. As long as the fanfic doesn't have blantant and explicit adult humor then its fine for me at least.
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