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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
You know, I just the turtles know any other "actual" teenagers besides Princess Trib?

Might explain Mike's quickness to a crush on her...

I think a few back-up stories at the end of a TMNT universe of the five of them just hanging out might be fun. Or maybe Trib might volunteer to go to Earth to learn about the planet so she can get a better idea of the social they don't jump to assumptions based on the turtles again.

(And really, I think Trib could be something of Krang's opposite, considering how much they have initially have in common, but having opposite reactions to various circumstances.)
Alopex actually describes herself as 'preteen' in Raphael's first micro, though like the Turtles that appears to be more of a maturity thing than literal. I assume 'in human years' she's slightly younger than the Turtles, I'm sort of guessing Mondo Gecko is the same.

Calmly awaiting the next issue of the comics.
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