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You know, I had some thoughts regarding Ch'rell's entrance into the fray.

The first being Ma'riell's concerns about learning of Krang's imprisonment - and thus the curiosity of how he'd react to his death.
Here's the thing...Ch'rell would have been around for Krang's willingness to die for the sake of their people. No matter how much he adored Krang, no matter how fervant his loyalty, he was probably expected to bite down and move on if something were to happen. So maybe he'll have a second of grace before he's told that he died like a dog [in Florida]. And that's where the tantrum will start.

The other thing is the idea of Ch'rell taking up the Shredder mantle.
He also would have been around for the "incident" with Saki attacking Krang at the portal and ending whatever plans they were forming for Japan. Maybe "so around" that he was on the other side of the portal to see him get blasted through with suit on fire. He knows Krang hates Saki's guts, so I don't think he'd be too eager to make a suit out of his body unless he were to kill Saki himself. Which of course isn't possible. It just wouldn't be respectful to him.

While would make for an interesting TMNT reboot, where it makes sense for Shredder to work for Krang because he's a disturbingly loyal Utrom, that's not happening in IDW even slightly .

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