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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
As suggested in the issue #80 discussion...a list of what we know so far.

And I'm going to list it in "the two big mysteries"

  • Used to be far bigger in number, but have dimished due to inner skirmishes
  • Dragon Lord leads them all
  • Is "unkillable"
  • But for whatever reason, is not on the mortal plane - reasoning unknown

Magic elements
  • All souls seem to go to single central plane after a mortal body dies. Not really defined as "hell""]All souls seem to go to single central plane after a mortal body dies. Not really defined as "hell", but can be for some.
  • Some people are better at manipulating this environment than others, even if they were recently mortal.

Science elements
  • QNA???
  • Ooze is necessary for reincarnation to be successful

  • How do you get a soul into a new body from the spiritual plane?
  • Was it similar to how Donatello's soul was connected to Metalhead as he was dying or is something else going on?
  • Why do some people keep their memories and others don't?
  • How do specific souls get attached to specific bodies?
  • In the case of Hob, exposed to the same Ooze as the turtles and Splinter, why didn't he pick up any "Hamato family elements" in his reincarnation
  • OR DID HE???

I will modify the list as more people point out things or correct them.
Well, first off I'm not sure what you mean by Ooze being necessary for successful reincarnation. Saki did in fact have sub-concious memories of being Tatsuo. He needed help to be fully aware of them, but it didn't make him any less of a reincarnation.

Now for the questions:
  1. Hamato Yoshi prayed for Buddha. I assume Buddha or some other deity does it. But who knows, maybe the dead just get tired of being dead,
  2. I think they used Honeycutt's mentawave helmet, right?
  3. Splinter got the serum and Saki got a serum as well. I think it's always subconcious, you just need a trigger to make the person aware of their old life.
  4. Divine intervention. Or if we are to assume it's a scientific manipulation, just program different subject.
  5. No, even if none of it this turns out to be mystical, he didn't get the trigger serum.
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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