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Originally Posted by BartAllen View Post
I don't get it. It's almost like the UK Government cares more about 'wrong-think' than it does about children being raped by backward thinking ideologues simply because said ideologues are brown.

Men are literally raping little girls in the thousands and the feminists and progressives don't seem to care. They're more interested in getting rid of Robinson for 'hate speech' . It's a damn strange time to be alive.
You can't make political points by defending little girls from backwards ****wads nowadays. And if you try - you're fascist, become "not all Muslims are like that".
Except while indeed some of them might not be like that, but their very toxic and sexist culture encourages such type of behavior, which is being praised by braindead lefties as "unique and beautiful".

It clearly paints a very "nice" picture what are modern "brave lefties" nowadays. Sexist, misogynistic idiots they are, who are using ideas of equality to virtue signal and play "woke" olympics. And they will throw in the grinder everyone who dare to oppose them, be it women, children, it doesn't matter for them. They operate like a new religion. Zealous adherence to the FAITH or a you are literal subhuman.

What exactly you can expect from a movement that genuinely proclaims that "men can become women" and should violate privacy and safety of the women and advocate prostitution on the grounds "but women have no other way to survive, better put them dick in a mouth".
Now with 150% more poison!

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