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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
How about prosecuting both?
I know it's revolutionary concept for people who love to virtue signal, but still.
Isn't that almost exactly what I said a couple of comments ago?

Originally Posted by Galactus View Post
Can't we be outrages at both? Can't we demand justice for victims of grooming gangs (Muslim or otherwise) and violent racist thus like Yaxley?
Also I'm not sure what is "virtue signalling" about anything I've said and since my point is largely the same as what you're currently saying does that mean you're virtue signalling too?

And I am not right nor left. I am not responsible for anything that they do and have no power whatsoever on either side, so how about you ask people who have connections to this guy to do something? It would have been much more productive than crying about alt-rats / lefties on the forum of another country.
I didn't say you were. Then again given your comments you seemed to assume I am on the left perhaps because I criticized the alt-right so then surely it's reasonable to assume you're on the right since every post you've done has had some attack for the left.

Regardless I don't understand you and Bart Allen trying to portray Yaxley as some kind of victim and up until your last post seem uninterested in the potential damage he could do to seeing justice done.
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