Thread: [Question] Can we elect a new Moderator?
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Originally Posted by TommyT View Post
I'm just me dude. I lurked a bit, but to be honest, just a fan of TMNT who's more than sick of people screwing with us. I'm sick of the kiddification, and the fans who encourage it, while putting down anyone who isn't in their camp].
Oh cool backstory that still doesn't give you the excuse to harrass others just because they like something you don't, also the bolded statement is extra funny when you yourself are guilty of the action.

Originally Posted by TommyT View Post
Rise is not the issue, it's the slow move from a non political fandom, into one that's decidedly left. We can't talk about politics unless it's to support leftist talking points, and the right leaning members are harassed endlessly.
What the are you even talking about

Originally Posted by TommyT View Post
The big picture, I'm pretty sure Papagreg is a troll, intentionally planting crappy Nick rise stuff to try and sway the fans. I don't like plants, and nobody is doing anything to stop them.
its' really just that simple. So I'm asking for a move to bring in a Mod to balance the team.
You are a moron, and what you are calling for is censorship also if there was a mod who is more strict with the rules I guarantee that you will be banned before I am.

Originally Posted by TommyT View Post
Being a fan of what Rise was, ok, i get that, but it's a failed experiment and hurt the fandom. The same is true of IDW in it's current state.
How did any of those things "hurt" the fandom even if I agree Rise IDW was awful it doesn't "hurt" the fandom. You know what does hurt the fandom gatekeeping twats like you who thinks people enjoying something makes them a plant.
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