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Originally Posted by Canadian Turtle View Post
Turtle Power Volume II is underway! We were at Bardel studios in Vancouver all day and will be for the next two. Bardel is currently animating all of the 5th season of the Nickelodeon show. We also interviewed a couple of stunt guys from Next Mutation which was shot in town back in the day.

http://<a href="</a></a>

http://<a href="http://s304.photobuc...dg.jpg</a></a>

http://<a href="http://s304.photobuc...ok.jpg</a></a>
So, we'll get Nick TMNT and Next Mutation this time around? I like the sound of that, put some video games in there and the 4kids show, as well as some IDW and Archie and we'll have the full package.
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