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Mega Man 9 is MM2 re-done but it works because of that, it's a solid game and gave us more MM2 which is easily the best MM game ever made.

Mega Man 10 however didn't just do a new MM2, it continued where MM6 left off in terms of "let's do new things with this old and tired formula", so yeah 8 bit classic mega man was going the right direction.

I want to like 7/8 but they just feel off, classic mega man was not meant for other consoles, Mega Man X however work perfectly, the SNES/Playstation just needed a different Mega Man that wasn't the classic.

I'm still hyped for this game, I think it'll be fun, I do think an 8 bit game would likely be more solid but I'm fine with them changing things up. Like I said, this will get mediocre reviews and people will bash it but that won't be so much the fault of the game and more that classic Mega Man is just not up to what people expect from games in 2017.
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