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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I enjoyed 7 and 8... enough to play them for a couple of hours and then completely forget about them. It was less about them feeling not like a proper evolution of the NES ones and more by that point that I was just tired of fighting the same variation of water, fire, and metal villains leading up to yet another Dr. Wily fight. Those games never bothered to grow. Then for an encore? Capcom literally makes 9 and 10 in 8-bit graphics like the first bunch. I couldn't care less about those.
MegaMan in general not the series, that you play for innovation. It's probably one, if not the most conservative game series out there, which never strayed from it's core premise and gameplay.

I liked MegaMan 7 & 8 and felt like they were the proper evolution of the series. At least as far as visuals are concerned. NES games felt stale and repetitive after MM3.

Interestingly enough MMX had repeat the history of classic MegaMan - X2 and X3 felt like expansions for the first game, rather than new games. And X5 felt like expansion for X4. X6 felt like thing of its own, but not because of design, but because it was rushed. X7 was garbage and I haven't played long enough into X8.
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