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This version was the first version of turtles I saw and it's definitely what got me interested in it (though the movies helped reinforce that). Truthfully, it still my favorite version in large part due to the characterization of Michelangelo who has always been my favorite.

Despite being the laid back and fun turtle, he was still a competent fighter and able of saving his brothers as much as they saved him, something I feel like later versions seem to forget. He came across as just a fun guy, someone I could easily see myself just shooting the breeze with.

I also must admit that despite it being a major point in all other versions, I kinda like that Leo and Raph lack that intense rivalry here. They still pick on one another but it isn't as...well...intense I guess as in other versions. I suppose I just like Raphael more as a smartass than a badass Wolverine type (though don't get me wrong, I do enjoy those versions too)

I've also just always been a fan of "anything goes" type of story telling so long as it follows the rules of the established universe and FW certainly does that. I'm always entertained by it.

That being said, I do thoroughly enjoy other versions as well (4kids being a close second) and I'll generally try anything at least once. For me, the selling point has always been the characters. If I really care/like the characters then everything else becomes less important
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