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Not really for me as I was in college and starting a job when the 2K3 series started, feeling that I was "too old" to concentrate on TMNT (though would very ocassionally, like once a year watch an OT TMNT or a movie), so it will always be an "alternate universe", even though it's a good alternate considering it came from the comics that began before the Fred Wolf show. But having hand-drawn as opposed to CGI will be a piece of nostalgia when Nick kicks in, but I'm sure when that series starts, the style of the Nick show as proposed will likely send more fans nostalgic for the FW show, especially if its a hit. But I'm sure the nostalgia will be greatest among those born between around 1991 to 2000 or so; too late to catch the OT in its prime, but born soon enough to catch at least part of the show in any form, as well as being no further than high school when the series ended.
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