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Originally Posted by chrisdude View Post
As much as the people who made the first movie mentioned comics and Eastman, their main influence was the old cartoon. The origin wasn't a big deal in that show (And it was also a huge simplification of the comic origin). The Splinter/Shredder rivalry was small potatoes. Shredder wanted to destroy the turtles because the turtles kept messing up his plans. The OT turtles also kicked in doors and fought like overpowered brutes, instead of like ninjas. That's what Leibesman grew up with.

If I made Batman movies, they'd be more like the 60's show than anything else. I've liked Batman my whole life, but I've never read The Dark Knight Returns or Knightfall, or really any comics you might hope would influence my films. Whether it's my responsibility to incorporate that stuff or if I have every right to make Batman '66-inspired films is up to debate. I'm just saying that's what I think happened with TMNT. And if you look at the movie as something influenced almost solely by that cartoon, it makes a lot more sense that it came out how it did.
True, but even as an OT homage, the movie failed miserably. The writing and editing were atrocious. If PD wanted to acquiese to fan complaints about a white-washed Shredder, then they shouldn't have half-assed it.

A terrible movie is somewhat subjective, due to taste; but terrible writing is absolutely objective.

And you would be absolutely within your right as a scriptwriter or director to produce a 66-Batman movie. But it would be idiotic to do so, knowing that the majority of your potential audience will not like it. In the same way, Michael Bay is an idiot for not knowing that 50% of his audience are adults who grew up on the OT, but are now old enough to recognize half-assed writing and lack of interest, and who will villify him for insulting their intelligence and their fandom.
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