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Originally Posted by sethmartin View Post
What I meant by "they established the origin" was this: They have established the origin for this specific film series so the next film can just move on to the next adventure and we don't have to go through all of the character introductions since they are already established. This will allow them to put more characters and content into this. I didn't say the origin story in the first movie was good or well written. I hate it too. But it least we don't have to see it again in the next one.
I agree with you when you say we can move on and not revisit that atrocious half-assed non-origin.

I don't necessarily think putting more characters and content into this sequel is a good idea... so far, it seems like it's gonna be just as much of a mess as the first movie, assuming a similar 90min runtime.

But I, at least, am prepared to change my opinion on the movie's quality or lack thereof once we start getting some trailers. We shall see. I expect the worst, but we shall see...
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