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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post

I get the horror parody thing with Northampton, but making EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE like that was stupid and monotonous.
Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
It wasn't every single episode. The Bigfoot ep, Punk Frogs, giant bird, the training ep with the visions of the villains, and the one with the car weren't horror oriented.
You both are right and also are wrong. The car one, Race with the Demon has a premise similar to that of the horror movie/book Christine with the name similar to Race with the Devil.

The giant bird, Eyes of the Chimera, resembles the monster called The Giant Claw and can appear as a total monster depending on what a chimera is made of in mythology.

The Bigfoot episode, Foot Too Big, wasn't horror but did have a reference with Finger talking to his dead mother like Norman Bates from Psycho.

Vision Quest and The Croaking weren't horror at all to my knowledge.

That's still a majority of episodes with horror elements with five in total, but four of the eight which were full on tributes (Within the Woods, Buried Secrets, In Dreams, and Race with the Demon) and the other four either had a reference depending on mileage (Eyes of the Chimera) or did not (the remaining three episodes).

It's not every episode Coola, but Cubed it's still a half to a majority.
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