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The learned from a book origin was terrible, no matter how you look at it.

The funny part is, you could even take what was said right in the movie, and fix the origin. If you recall, Sachs told April a story about how a 9th century Japanese warlord poisoned the water supply, and a Japanese alchemist created the mutagen to cure the disease the poison caused. Well, in East Asian alchemy, the alchemist will often infuse some of his own ki/chi/essence into their elixir, to give it power. So, a thousand years later, when that elixir is used on four turtles and a rat, they grow into humanoids, gain human-level intelligence, and the rat dresses in a Japanese style and can read Japanese, and all five pick up martial arts easily from a book they found in a storm drain, as if they already knew martial arts. (alchemy in east Asia usually comes from Daoism, which also practices 'internal alchemy' -in other words, martial arts) Those traits the turtles and splinter probably came from the alchemist who infused his essence into the Mutagen.

Bam! Instant origin, based solely on what we see in the movie! Again all we would've needed was a line or two of dialogue in the film to confirm it! ><

(and no, a line from a nine year old April that 'the ooze came from space' doesn't hold up, that's just a little kid talking. And also no, Krang's ooze doesn't count either, that's purple and works differently.)
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