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Okay, first... Ewww. lol I don't think I ever paid close enough attention to that. I think my attention has always largely been on how utterly unfazed Shredder is by what is happening. I know he's not right in the head, but come on. lol

Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
If Splinter was April's father and he witnessed the burning of his labratory (as well as the supposed death of his daughter in the fire), there would be alot more weight to the Splinter vs Shredder rivalry rather than just Shredder being a random accomplince to Sachs who happens to stumble upon the path of the turtles.
Would be an interesting angle for sure, and would change the story perspective making it Splinter going after Shredder rather Shredder just being Sach's attack robot doing his bidding and Splinter previously just living life and trying to keep the Turtles prisoner in their own home.

Did Splinter still not trust his own book learning/teaching and other wisdom if he didn't trust that the Turtles, despite how big and strong they'd grown, would be safe out in the world? When they have to sneak out to go experience the world on their own, that is sad. (Seriously, those Turtles probably would have loved Disney's Rapunzel film and found some of it relatable. I'm surprised there was never any crossover art; esp young Turtles watching out the storm grate similar to young Rapunzel out her window.)

Although... I'd still prefer that Yoshi is Splinter (perhaps a former lab tech in this scenario, something I'd considered long ago), putting him back into the story, and keep Shredder Asian.

Their main fumbling point imo is their not so "brilliant" idea to go create a bad guy business man aka Eric Sachs/Sacks (how boring can you get?) when he should have just been white Baxter instead. (If Sachs is the proper spelling, it didn't even quite occur to me until somewhat recently that he shares a name with Goldman Sachs... the company that likewise profited by screwing people over. Are the makers just in the same mindset or is it commentary on that whole crisis?)

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