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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Stupid, pointless, and unnecessary. "We used animal DNA to mutate them" is NOT a hard concept. It remains a very simple explanation and all that is needed for this fictional mutation.

Instead they chose the stupidest parts of the story to try to be "different" in, like this, and unnecessarily complicated it because now it created an unnecessary plot hole that they'd never bother explaining why humans having OTHER animal DNA is somehow even a thing.

While the typical route, as I'd put in bold above, may itself defy real life science, it is at least to the point and doesn't really need more explanation. (Save for maybe if you're a scientist who is still bothered by it.) But PD's idea did nothing but create the need for more explanation that they'd never go in to.

It also stupidly defies that humankind is an ape (and even if you reject that), as if to leave it blank like we're some mysterious "other" thing that can by magic contain other animal DNA...

The only ones it actually works for (a little) is the PD Turtles themselves if they presumably DO have some human DNA already because they were made that way via experimentation. They'd have been given it, not magically acquired it generations ago. (But then PD could have explained them like that too... If humans could have other species DNA then other species could have human.) But it still never explained why the mutagen would have worked that way on them. (Though I think in the book version Donnie mentioned "reverse engineering." Somehow.)

edit: To even try to make sense of it, I think a third film would have needed to bring about a realization that ancient aliens experimented on early humans and added small portions of DNA from other creatures. Much like 2012 made April part Kraang.
I'll confess I was hoping to have a budget-blowing scene of CGI indulgence where a chunk of the city's population gets exposed to mutagen and a whole slew of random mutant beasts start popping up everywhere. Also, it made me wonder what the "dormant animal genes" of Shredder, Baxter, Casey, and April would have been.

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