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Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
What did you think of the animal ancestor theory from tmnt out of the shadows?

While I prefer the simple mutagen which turns people into whatever they come into contact with, I didn't mind the theory that creatures mutate into whatever animal Is in their dormant gene, even though its more complicated and doesn't make sense in real life.

I think its interesting that while Bebops and Rocksteadys ancestor animals were warthhogs and rhinos, the ancestors of the turtles (and presumably Splinter) were humans, which I think would've been the basis of a 3rd film if there was one (turtles travel back in time to Japan to meet their human ancestors who are the sons of Hamato Yoshi, Splinters ancestor).
There's no theory to this. It's just a BS excuse to give an explanation to why they mutate into those animals.

It wouldn't have been the basis because these people don't care about lore and backstory.
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