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This is my 2,000th post here on Technodrome Forums, so it's very fitting that I share my thoughts on this epic crossover. When I first heard about this movie, the Kindergartner I was 25 years ago had come back and freaked out. Batman, Robin, Batgirl and the Turtles were my favorite superheroes as a little boy along with the Power Rangers. This crossover was miles better than the one that Saban's versions of the Turtles had with the heroes from Power Rangers in Space.

The personalities of the four brothers were very faithful to previous source material. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl also brought some great girl-power to the battle and I liked her chemistry with Donnie. I liked how Batman learned a valuable lesson about teamwork and family from Raph. Leo also became a better fighter thanks to Batman. Mikey's bond with Alfred was funny. It would've been nice to know which Robin was in this movie. I wasn't sure if it was Dick Grayson because the one I grew up with saw Batman more as a guardian than a dad. Robin called Batman, "father" and that didn't give a definitive answer. The villains were also entertaining and bad to the bone. This is definitely a must-own for both Batman and TMNT fans.
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