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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Likewise. I'd normally never want Shredder to win and I was trying to root for Batman, but...but...I felt strangely torn over that scene. The fight I never knew I wanted to see. The 2007 Leo/Raph fight pales in comparison!

This movie definitely has brought back that urge to want to see more; that hasn't happened since 2012 wrapped up. Nice to feel that again for a TMNT thing. Hope they come through with a sequel. No survey included with the basic DVD from Walmart though.. Hope those with them do fill 'em out.
The survey honestly felt like it was focused more on wat future dc content should be made, big surprise and the formats 2 make it on. But there was a question in there about which dc characters would be interesting 2 see in a future crossover though no idea if it'll be another mix-up like this....
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