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Blows my mind to see people on YouTube, like Hector Navarro, call this the “second best TMNT film ever”. Are you kidding me? I appreciate it for taking the TMNT in a new direction and at least treating them as lethal warriors, but it’s really got nothing interesting going on visually or script-wise. It’s incredibly bland, in my eyes.

So yeah, all due respect to opinions and whatnot, but sometimes you gotta call something ridiculous when you feel strongly about it. As flawed as 07 and the PD films are (I don’t care to ever see them again), I find them to be twice as interesting as Batman v TMNT.
Visually, Batman vs TMNT simply can’t touch either of them. That goes for animation quality, choreography, cinematography, etc. I realize the designs for PD are hated, and the Batman V TMNT ones are certainly better... but they still aren’t rendered better, and they don’t animate smoothly, or do anything interesting, so it doesn’t count for much.

Idk, I find it borderline disrespectful to call it the second best tmnt film, even if most of them do suck, because I find that all the hard work put into the live action films at least amounts to something somewhat interesting, ambitious, and discussion worthy, while this film is just basic Saturday morning material.

I don’t want to die on a hill of defending PD or 07, but I definitely enjoy SOTO more than this film, if nothing else. It just has much more going on. Mental stimulation.

At the end of the day, I’m overreacting, but it was something I wanted to get off my chest. Feel free to critique my points.
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