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The movie was great and much better than the comic its based on (although I miss Splinter), it took what was wrong or rushed about the comic and improved it greatly.

As for the movie itself it was very good. Lots of great action scenes, easter eggs and fun moments. Loved how each member of the Batman team bonded with a Turtle, Damian was shockingly likeable in this, and I really enjoyed the characterisation of the Turtles in general (since these are technically new Turtles). The overall plot was the same, but it made sense for Shredder to want to become immortal with the Lazarous pits, and Ra's to want to destroy Gotham as usual. Even the villains turning into mutants felt far better in the movie than in the comic and was actually enjoyable.

Was a great film all around. If they do a loose adaption of the second one I'm sure they'll do it much better.
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