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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
Mario tennis? I've only played the 3DS one and it was average. The Golf one was a bit better. I really like Mario Golf in the Nintendo 64 back in the day btw. And the GBA game was pretty interesting as well

I wonder if Nintendo will eve do some changes to Mario party. Mario Party kinda lost people's interest after the N64.

Yeah, Diddy Kong Racing was a pretty good back back in the day. How come MK never tried to do something similar to it with a story mode, a world to explore and boss races?
Mario Tennis is the perfect example of a series getting stale, it was great on the N64, GBC and GBA but the Gamecube/Wii/Wii U version just kinda did the bare minimum and it showed. The Switch Mario Tennis seems to be taking the right direction.

At E3 Nintendo announced Super Mario Party and it's going back to basics a la the first Mario Party games so that's already an improvement over the last few games. They also finally added online, but remember Nintendo takes baby steps, it's still not the board game online but only the mini games. Maybe for Super Mario Party 2 they'll get the online right. But yeah this is the shot in the arm that Mario Party needed and the "Super" helps emphasize this.

I also don't know why Nintendo didn't copy some things from DKR, hell they own the IP and there have been rumors for many years that it would come. Me personally I'd keep Mario Kart more to the basics and get rid of many gimmicks it's done over the years while also releasing DKR with an "all stars Nintendo" cast crossover and also experiment more here with the Kart formula. There are the rumors of that Star Fox racing game inspired by DKR's story mode so maybe that's the closest we'll get to it.

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