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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It's just brand recognition at this point. Is there even a single person at "Atari" now that worked on even the Jaguar, let alone anything before it? Creatively or in any significant position? I could be wrong, but I'm going to say "No way."
Well you can say that pretty much for any huge corporation, people want them to bring back _____ franchise but all those people who worked on the games you loved are long gone.

I mean, it's a smart move. Do you release the "Altima" system with your startup company... or do you make a deal to bring forth the new Atari system, particularly in a world obsessed with hipster retro nonsense? It gives you press you otherwise wouldn't even begin to have. Plus the retro hipsters' ears perk up.
That's what the RetroVGS console tried to do, after the kickstarter failed they licensed the Coleco name for their console just for recognition, but that project failed since it was very shady and Coleco pulled out.

Originally Posted by LeotheLateBloomer View Post
The odd thing about this is that the Atari that lives today is just Infogrames who bought the original company (after they went defunct) and renamed themselves after the brand name. But they haven't had a financial success in a long time so how much money do they have now for them to be making a new console?
Atari has a very messy past, basically Atari was split into three in the 90s, you had the company called Atari which had nothing to do with the original Atari but licensed the name and released stuff under it and you had another company which were basically the old Atari but they couldn't use the name. I don't remember if Infogrames is the old atari or the new atari but anywho after their bankrupcy a few years ago all 3 Atari brands are now one again so I think whoever owns Atari now basically owns "everything", I think it's a french company. This is all from memory so some details may be wrong but I believe it went something like that.

And Atari as of now is at their best financially that it has been in many years, I believe they made made a lot of money from Casinos and mobile games, so the time to act would be now. They don't have tons of cash so I do think they'll be partnering up with someone, it all depends on the type of market they want to relase this Ataribox to compete against. If it's another ouya or around that site then yeah they can do it themselves.
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