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Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
As much as I love 4Kids TMNT, "City at War" had as much to do with the original as "City Fall" in IDW... nothing.

"City at War" is not a story for kids, kiddies, or cartoons. If you water it down, you destroy it. Same for "Shades of Gray" or "Sons of the Silent Age."

Some Mirage stuff is good and can be reinterpreted rather loosely. Not those stories.
I enjoyed it and prefer it to the comic it came from. That is what matters.

Cubed, you think everything needs to be locked. Adaptation is just that. Its based on something and being translated within another format. Some are closer to the inspiration others. I prefer the 2003 cartoon takes on the Mirage stories opposed to the comics, because I am an other media centric fan.

I know the super powered turtles and Sliver story-line came from Tales vol.2 did anything else get carried over from the second Tales volume? I know it was running concurrently so it would be limited.
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