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Originally Posted by tmntman View Post
I guess I never really posted my response to this thread. I've actually eliminated several white whales for my collection in the last two years.
You know what? Same. I had made a post about wanting Laird art & a Turtle Saint, but those were always somewhat attainable, & not actually the highest on my totem pole of turtle power.

What I should have said, is that my white whales were 1. a cel from The Big Cufflink Caper featuring at least one turtle in mafia attire - and - 2. a prop from the very first live action movie. I got both in November & December of 2017 respectively. Hurrah! Not that won't buy future TMNT goods, but after getting those, I feel a sense of closure about my collection on a whole. Can't get much better than finally getting your two biggest wants (unless of course more of either category were to fall into my lap...!).
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