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Well.... most adults don't have time to watch cartoons, or even care about them. Yeah, I watched Batman the Animated Series and 90's X-Men and whatnot, but I was a kid back then. Batman was on after school and X-Men was on Saturday mornings.

Honestly if these shows aired today, I'd miss them because I'd be at work or out with friends. Yes, I do watch Family Guy and anime on Adult Swim... but they're at night, when I'm actually home. If Family Guy was not adult comedy and aired earlier in the day I'd miss it because, again, I'm at work.

Movies are different. Anyone can find time on a day off to gather some friends to watch a movie. It's an event. A night on the town. You don't have to sit and watch Thor Ragnarok the 3 season series in the middle of the day every day at a time that you're supposed to be at work.
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