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I agree with a lot of what has been said and I agree that Raph could have been used more or storylines could have been used more for him. Leo had some good stuff, but I do feel they could have expanded more on his healing because they barely covered it. I think showing him having nightmares about getting attacked would have been a good touch and I think that his dream in In Dreams should have involved Shredder too as it would have made things more dramatic.

I also would have loved to see something with Kirby and more about him as there seemed to be something off about him. Sadly, we won't know if that was really Kirby or if that was a clone of him or something. Wasted potential if you ask me as well as the whole thing with April's mom and April's origins.

I thought the Karai stuff was beautifully done myself, but did feel there could have been a bit more there.
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