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Originally Posted by sethmartin View Post
One thing I would like to see is more Splinter. The last movie made it very difficult to get into his character. He's a dick to the turtles right off the bat and there are no real scenes where he actually teaches them anything or has a father/son moment with them. Even when he gets his ass kicked by the Shredder, you don't really feel that bad for him because the movie didn't really let you get to know him. They should lose Vern, Casey, and Baxter Stockman and put more scenes with Splinter and the Turtles. Also, since they obviously have to do something with this character, they should make Eric Sachs an Utrom. That would be cool.
With Baxter Stockman being in the sequel, Don't be surprise if we have scenes, Of Splinter being attacked by the Mousers in the Lair.
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