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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
Yeah, I agree with you.

Blackest Night was supposed to be a big deal because all the differents colored lanterns were working together to stop Black Hand & Nekron.

The thing is, immediately after that, they did it again to stop Krona.

Another annoying stuff in the News 52: the multiple titles events like "The third army" or "Wrath of the first lantern", where you need 2 or 3 issues of each title to complete the story.

Ok, the event is also sold in a volume of it's own, but when you only read the main GL title, it's frustrating to get the beginning, the end, and missing a big part in the middle.
The corrupt Guardians created most of their own rogues gallery and the ones Earth bound are ignored. There was not necessarily the rainbow corps alliance going for two consecutive stories that bothered me it was Hal Jordan and Sinestro having a marriage of convenience lasting for three calendar years that began with Blackest Night and continued on until Sinestro lost his green ring after he and Hal beat Black Hand in the afterlife.

What do you all think Grant Morrison will do?
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