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Taking notes from it would be nice. But PD taking the wrong notes is how likely..? *laugh cry*

Hope it's not too late to do so. (Or I guess never too late to make late alterations for the better?) Though something I'd recently seen about Lindsey Beer that mentioned her involvement with TMNT states that she'd "recently wrote"... past tense.

While I don't assume one little word in a random article means it's done, it has been a while and (now that I checked) just over a year ago, this week in fact, since they announced hiring Andrew Dodge for it, so might it be? Or in a revision stage where producers decide on all the parts they want to eff up?

I hope these two have a better vision and understanding of the material, in a good way. No pressure guys.... Actually, no, given the last two films and the PD minion writers that were given those projects, lots of pressure, I'm sorry. lol

Hope we'll at least hear some tidbit of info about it this summer.
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