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You know, as much as I like this show, it's not a good show to pick up at a random episode and watch. Even if you remember most episodes and arcs rather well, it's not a show meant to be watched out of order. You gotta watch it all the way through. And that kinda hurts its rewatch value, especially considering it's like 150 episodes long, which is quite long for a kids' American cartoon series.

And like people said, it came out before youtube was even a thought. I dunno about you guys, but as a kid I've definitely missed some episodes due to either oversleeping on weekends or going on holidays or not having a VHS tape to record episodes at times. It wasn't until this decade or so where I was able to watch the show fully without missing a single episode. Plus, the show didn't have proper DVD releases. Instead of season box sets, it was like 3 episodes per DVD. And to this day it's a very hard show to collect for that reason.

Another of the several reasons why this show was not as popular as it could have been, I guess. It was great to have a TMNT show with a lot of continuity, but this was before streaming was a thing and you're always gonna miss some episodes, and that's something you can't do in a show like this. Nowadays kids' cartoons can have all the continuity they want since you can always go on the internet or rewind your TV boxset and catch the episode you missed the other day.
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