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Can't see it myself.

For all the talk that the first Platinum Dunes movies took their main inspiration from the IDW series it didn't ever seem like that in the finished product. The one thing which was kinda like that series (the lab origin) we know has been kicking around the minds of Hollywood execs that have handled the property for years before IDW had the TMNT license. I'd be willing to bet it was largely a coincidence. They may have been aware of the IDW series lab origin but they clearly didn't feel any reason to make their version anything like it.

So yeah they haven't followed the IDW series and I don't think they are going to start now.

Even for the sake of diversity Michael Bay and the guys and PD have never struck me as people all that concerned with that. If anything I'd imagine Bay would use his influence to go the other way. Like these are the kind of guys that made a big stink anout how Arcee was too difficult to explain in the first Transformers movie (why would she need any more than explaining than the male Autobots?) and I know people think Fichtner-Shredder was to appease Chinese market/investors but I could easily see Bay thinking do we have to cast a Japanese actor? Why can't we just make him a white guy? That'd be much easier.

From a creative standpoint she'd have to be saved for a sequel and world building is not something Bay and co do. Neither PD movie hinted were the next would go and they pretty much ditched everything from the 2014 for Out Of The Shadiws. At best I could see that instead of Karai we get a blonde second in command of the Foot that only says a few lines and is never named in the actual movie that is supposed to be Jennika and I doubt we'd ever see her mutate into a turtle.
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