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Rise villains in future versions of TMNT?

OK, so trying to put a positive spin on Rise. One thing that even ?the haters? can?t deny (can they?!) is that we saw a whole host of great new and original villains.

So, which of those villains would you like to see, or do you think we will see in future TMNT lore?

Let?s be honest, every iteration of the Turtles, no matter how bad, always carries something across into future TMNT universes. Especially characters. Good examples are Venus De Milo, Lord Dregg and Ch?rell.

For now my poll includes:
- Baron Draxum
- Foot Lieutenant and Brute (they come as a pair like B&R!)
- Big Mama
- Meat Sweats
- Albearto
- Hypno Potamus
- Repo Mantis

I know there are other villains but I?m trying to go with the most well known ones or significant ones from this series.

For me my favourite new villain is Meat Sweats, but Baron Draxum is up there too. Also the Foot Lt and Brute were favourites. Shame we never got a Brute figure to go with the Lt.
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