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I'm not really interested in seeing any of these characters return, much for the same reason I'm not interested in seeing most of the Fred Wolf, Archie, Next Mutation or even most of the 2012 Nicktoon characters come back. The problem is that I don't find most of them interesting enough to care, and in some cases they're kind of annoying. To be fair, Rise does more with it's original characters in 2 seasons than FW or 2012 managed to in 5-10 seasons, which does actually make them more memorable. If I had to make the choice between seeing Meat Sweats return or seeing Newtralizer return, I'm gonna go with Meat Sweats simply because there's more to him. And of course, simply because these characters weren't interesting in the show, that doesn't mean they can't be made interesting by someone else. It's just that right now, there isn't much too them.

Now there is actually one character you didn't mention that I might have some interest in seeing: Jupiter Jim. While the show itself just seems to treat him like he's a delusional washed up actor, there are things that make it somewhat ambigious.
I just think the ambiguity is a fun idea, is he just some crazy guy or is there some truth to his claim of being a spaceman?
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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