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I think something to bear in mind with my question in general is that I don't expect to see these characters in this form again.

A good example would be Slash. He first appeared in Fred Wolf? Then we saw a completely different version in 2012 and then again in IDW. Or another example of something less extreme, Raph's do-rag from the Bay Movies (and Donnie's tech) starting to carry over.

There are characters in Rise that I believe we will see in name and similar appearance again, but perhaps in a very different character form.

Also something else from Rise that I believe will be passed on to future TMNT series is the mystic city, and "magical" weapons. I think that was a really interesting and original aspect to Rise

I wouldn't be surprised to see a future Mystic City and meet a "Baron Draxum" who maybe runs a magic and potions shop or something...
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