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The only one of the listed characters that hold any appeal for me at all is Meat Sweats, and even then, I'd rather not see him again. Definitely, it's hard to imagine finding a good way to integrate him into a more plausible TMNT universe.

Hypno Potamus and Repo Mantis are clever and funny names, but I'm not in favor of more animal mutants in general. I like the underlying premise of Turtles much better when they're more or less the sole unique anomalies in an otherwise relatively grounded reality.

Lastly, I'm so strongly offended by Rise in general that I'd prefer if the whole ordeal could be buried and forgotten. Resurrecting anything distinctly characteristic to it will only tarnish any future TMNT iterations for me.

One big exception is that I really like most of what I know about the Rise version of Splinter. Other than the battle nexus connection, I think he might be my favorite Splinter. How's that for an unpopular opinion?
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