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Originally Posted by mikey0 View Post
What model sheets? The ones used for the syndicated mini-series, syndicated series, Saturday morning series, or Turtles Forever?

I agree with you. From 1987 to 1996, there were too many different versions of the turtles. I think the ‘88 to ‘91 syndicated series Turtles would have been more recognizable. I think that’s what NECA was going for, but they missed the mark by trying to get the ADULT ACTION FIGURE COLLECTORS.

I would say the license for the original toon should go to Funko, so Funko action figures, like the ones for the Disney Afternoon, could be produced. Unfortunately for Turtles fans, none of the companies seem to have good material to base their collectibles off of. NECA appears to almost be going by the TMNT Retro Collection designs.

I still say NECA should discontinue the Target 2 pack line altogether. The wave 2 turtles of the Target 2 Pack line definitely resemble the Retro Collection turtles. If I were a NECA Cartoon collector, that would throw me off.

Perfect FW Turtles will not ever be made. Perfection does not exist in this world.

Why are you in every thread trashing NECAs cartoon turtles? You are filling up pages and pages of whining about tiny details and complaining that no one else will agree with you. 1 thread is enough for this content-you dont need to monopolize every one.
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