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I think with the bathrooms, there is probably a small toilet in Donnie's lab. (I mean there would kinds have to be considering he practically lives in there)

The men's toilet from when the place had been a subway station was probably was kept as is.

The women's toilet would be useless to them since they are guys so it was likely ripped out and made into a Japanese bath with shower and soaking tub that could hold maybe all four and possibly Splinter when they had been small. And roughly two turtles at their current age.

Raph thinks bathing is pointless since they live in a sewer if Splinter's comment of Raph needing a bath in "Karai's vendetta" was any indication.

Mikey likely splashes everywhere.

April probably just wore a swimsuit when she bathed or they had a scheduled time where the bath was hers privately. Either that or Donnie put up a privacy curtain around one of the showers.
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