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Here's my line up for the TMKT or "Teenage Mutant Kunoichi Team"

Taking the place of Leonardo as leader would be April O'Neil of the 2012 series. Because of her significant psychic abilities and also because of her clear and sober mind which enables her to take well thought out decisions. And has shown to be capable of leading the team on missions.

Taking the place of Donatello would be Irma from the Fred Wolf series, while she isn't that much of a fighter, she does know her way around devices and could be a good asset to the team as in providing electronic cover, jamming security cameras, hacking computers and the likes.

Taking the place of Raphael would be Alopex from the IDW comics series. Much like Raph himself, Alopex is driven by anger and traumas but she's also bound by honor and a skilled fighter.

Finally, taking the place of Michelangelo is another character from the IDW series: Jennika When after the defeat of the Rat Kingm those kids were put in the care of the Foot clan, both Jennika and Mikey have shown themselves to be pretty good babysitters. But much as is the case with Mikey, although Jenny has shown her softer side, she still is a highly skilled ninja and not to be underestimated.
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