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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
I want to love this series.

The spirit is there, Greg Capullo’s pencils are gorgeous, and own soundtrack. That is so cool.
Scott Snyder’s writing can really drag it down for me, however. I find the book to be heavily overwritten. If you’re going to have this much prose and dialogue, it has to be capriveting. I love the lengthy prose of Alan Moore’s comics, it’s poetic. This feels more like exposition.
Capriveting? Captivating/riveting? lmao I like it

Have you been following along with the tie-in issues and one-shots? It's been nice because even if I don't particularly care for an artist or a writer in one issue as part of the larger whole it all evens out.

I want to get the hardcover edition of this when it comes out, it'll probably be split into the actual Dark Days/Dark Nights issues, the Nightmare Batmen one-shots, the Gotham Resistance story, and the Bats Out of Hell story. But if it all got collected in one book I'd definitely buy it.
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