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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo
You've got to love the scene where The Doctor had no clue where the Nestine Transmitter was even after Rose pointed it to him a billion times.
Oh definitely! That was a classic scene! So funny!

At the end when Rose says that she's staying and he goes back into the TARDIS then disappears, she walks away and he comes back just to tell her that it travels through time as well, that was The Doctor true to form!

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo
The Auton invasion was breif, but pretty excellent, a pity the Doctor's Internet fan had to be killed.
I've heard a few people say that they were dissapointed in the revival of the Autons, they felt that it was all old hat and that they should have done something new. I personally thought it was great! A wonderful start to hopefully a long run.

It was a little sad that his fan died, I think he said something about being right just before he was shot. Poor guy, they could've kept him around for later episodes, that would've been a good idea.

Originally Posted by ZariusTwo
So apparently The Doctor has been involved in a war for some time now that eliminated the Nestene homeworld.
That doesn't suprise me, it is The Doctor after all, he gets about a bit.
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