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Shredder's Motivation

The Shredder is the consistent greatest nemesis, but he has varied in motivation by incarnation. In the '87 cartoon his motivation is world domination, he is essentially power hungry. In the 2003 cartoon he as Ch'rell prefers to destroy opposed to rule. In the 2012 cartoon he is driven by revenge wanting to put an end to Splinter above all else. In IDW he leans towards domination with a twisted sense of honor. Archie while taking a different path The Shredder like the '87 cartoon leans towards a power hungry would be conqueror. The films never make it entirely clear, a mix of domination as the head of a criminal syndicate and revenge. What should Shredder's motivate be? Adapt for the incarnation? Should it be locked in as one of the options stated above or something else? I personally like the idea of him being a villain interested in domination, but it is the 1987 cartoon version that made me love the character. Its hard for me to see The Shredder wanting the world to end like he attempted as Ch'rell in Turtles Forever and allowed for if he got see Splinter's demise in the 2012 cartoon. "What profit is there to be made if the world ends?" , Kingpin pointed out once. Thoughts on the shifting motivation(s) of The Shredder?
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