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Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
Not really sure the two could cross over, given that Turtles Forever and"Transdimensional Turtles" are mutually exclusive stories.

It's not really a matter of if they would/could cross over or not. This thread is just a collection of ideas of what can possibly happen if they somehow did cross over.

I mean I know that the 2k3 and 2k12 Turtles will never honestly cross over because even if Viacom does have the rights to TMNT as a property, they don't have exclusive rights to every incarnation that exists. Even if 4kids is a dead group the 2k3 version is still exclusive to the 4kids brand so at best Nick can just air their episodes.

Still, it would be interesting to see both groups of Turtles actually meeting and interacting rather than just having a current incarnation just meeting their Fred Wolf Counter Parts, after all, while the FW turtles were the Original Toon Turtles, they aren't the only televised Turtles to have existed.
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