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Request for Gifs / video for Diorama

I am working on an interior Technodrome diorama (like the one below from NECAís con display) that includes a trans dimensional portal. My plan is to have a small monitor installed behind the rear wall of the diorama and act as the portal effects.
What I need help with is gathering/making gifs and video files of effects or scenes that would look appropriate in the portal window.

Iím open to anything that looks good, various seasons, video games, even just cool portal effects.
An example would be the Turtles In Time Screen from the Shredder fight (where you throw foot soldiers at the camera).

Iíve found a few MUGEN stages that have a portal in the background and am going to extract those images and hopefully make an appropriate gif.

Let me know if you have any other ideas and thanks for the help!


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