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The more I hear about the Mulan film, the more indifferent I'm becoming in regards to viewing it. One thing I really enjoyed about the original was how Mulan's character had to work hard to become a good soldier. She was terrible and struggled, but she managed to persevere and pull through while also earning the respect of her fellow soldiers. I'm under the impression that Mulan for this live-action version doesn't get that type of character growth because she's being portrayed as the perfect, strong independent woman....which would make her a boring character and a bit Mary Sue-ish. For the original, we were rooting for her to pull through and after that reveal, we rooted for her to get out of her situation. Is there any validity to this?
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The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan & Wendy are still happening. They’ve already announced casting and the cameras will begin rolling for them at some point. Next year, we have Cruella with Emma Stone. We’ll see if Marc Webb will ever bring his version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to life.
I still don't get why they would want to do The Little Mermaid. It's so unnecessary. Peter Pan & Wendy...I can give a slight pass to. Live-action Peter Pan films have been a thing for years, haven't they? It also seems like it would be easy to do.

Didn't know about the Cruella DaVille movie. Wow, what could that be about. Will there be no 101 Dalmations?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves can be easily pulled off in live-action too (I know I've come across something live-action-ish as a kid...maybe a short special or something), I feel. It's kind of grounded in reality. The story didn't have supernatural elements or all that much magic in it, outside of what the evil queen was doing when trying to kill Snow White.
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