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The fact that there's actually been so many live-action Peter Pan movies is why I simply can't ever get excited about the possibility of another one. I also question who the audience would be. Kids AND adults are a lot more cynical nowadays and I feel like that's why all the reboot attempts over the last 20 years or so have fallen flat. Who are they for? Kids no longer take much mirth in wonder and whimsy, and adults have no time for reflection in their race to politicize and be outraged by everything.

There's just no place for stories about "the boy who refused to grow up" in our modern society. Perhaps there should be, but I'm afraid it's become passe' and outdated and I think that's why all the reboots fail. The moral of the story literally says, "Don't be in a rush to grow up" and yet Real Life in the present day is all about the exact opposite of that: "Grow up, find your Pet Cause, get outraged, and grab your picket signs." These things simply don't gel.

As for "Mulan", the last thing I read about it was yesterday, where a bunch of people are apparently outraged that it "wasn't queer enough", because they removed the General guy character who was supposedly showing interest in Mulan while she was "male-presenting" in the original, so a bunch of people are angry at Disney for "removing such an obvious bisexual icon" and thus "ruining" the entire story.

And again, this is why we can't have nice things. Because apparently the worst thing about a Disney movie, to some people, is "It didn't do enough to undermine hetero-normative dominance in our patriarchal society."

Good gravy. Wish this ride had an Emergency Stop button. I've been ready to get off for a while now.

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