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Originally Posted by Shark_Blade View Post
The funny and intelligent Chinese woman created a YouTube channel just to roast Mulan. Enjoy.

Cool, I watched this a few days ago. I would like to see her cover the 1998 version. I know it had issues, but I wonder if the 1998 version gets more of a pass because the inaccuracies are less offensive and wasn't marketed as being a faithful portray of Chinese history, like this newer version was being marketed as. Seems the stuff in the 1998 version was done for the sake of the narrative. Like Mulan cutting her hair in the 1998 version. It's considered dishonorable for one to cut his/her hair during the time Mulan is taking place in, but it could've been symbolizing how she was doing this as a way to protect her family, but also rebelling against them at the same time since she just couldn't fit in with the role that was expected of her. She hesitated before she cut her hair. It's subtle, but that could've been the intention there.
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