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Originally Posted by SERGKNIGHT707 View Post
Anyone want to sell tales of tmnt #61
Be very careful dealing with this guy. He bought the first ten Image comics from me via eBay, which I had purchased from another member here who lives nearby (Grendel). He tried to force a return of the comics upon receiving them. I offered him a $20 refund just to not have to deal with the burden of selling them a second time. When I went on his eBay page, I saw that he in fact had a lot of professionally graded comics for sale. He waited several days before accepting my $20 partial refund which I had no way of retracting, but I guess he figured at a little over $5 a piece he was doing well on something he was just going to have professionally graded and re-sell anyway. I have contacted Grendel about this matter and he is willing to verify that the comics were in fact "NEAR MINT" as he originally advertised them on these boards. SERGEKNIGHT707 has left me several threatening and harrassing messages on eBay because I left honest feedback about our interaction that he did not like. I have kept documentation of everything.
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I can hear it now: "I'm sorry little April, I told you that if you didn't take good care of them I'd be taking them away. Now they are going to the lab to be abused for experimentation" (You could almost rewrite this as April caused the fire to get back at her father over it...)
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Powder I'd not defend him, that's just how he gets

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